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  • Designed and optimized for digital professionals

    The entire start-up and registration process can be carried out from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.

  • Bullet-proofed process supervised by certified tax consultants

    Your company registration is supported and monitored by one of our officially approved tax advisors. You don't have to worry about messing things up.

  • Uncomplicated help and communication for all our clients

    All our tax consultants have international experience, speak perfect english and are well connected inside Cyprus. We don't leave you alone but help you wherever we can.

Everything you need to run your Cyprus Limited worry-free

Company Formation

  • Cyprus Limited Setup and Consulting
  • Company Name Approval
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Official Company Registration and Application Fees
  • Company Certificates
  • EU-VAT registration
  • Tax & Social Insurance registration
  • Optional: Cyprus Address Service

Tax Administration & Audit Package*

  • Tax Consulting
  • Payroll
  • Ongoing Sales Tax Declaration
  • Ongoing Financial Accounting
  • Submission of VAT Returns
  • Submission of Social Insurance
  • Compilation of the Annual Balance Sheet
  • Communication with the Tax Authority in Cyprus
  • Yearly Audit

* The Audit and Tax Administration Package is charged separately starting after successful company registration and has a term of one year. See pricing.

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Keep full control, always!

Your personal dashboard enables you to easily manage your company and all documents. Change your details, shareholders, directors or book additional services. All can be done with a few clicks.

Cyprus Limited Management Online

A Cyprus Limited provides unbeatable advantages for digital entrepreneurs and freelancers inside the EU.

This are just a few of the many advantages of a Cyprus Limited. Learn more in our in depth Cyprus Limited guide.

  • corporation tax of only 12.5%

    One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU.

  • EU VAT number

    Write and receive invoices with a deductible VAT within the EU.

  • no tax on dividends

    Low corporate tax rates and no tax on dividends make Cyprus unbeatable.

  • worldwide accepted

    Cyprus is by definition not a tax haven. Your bills are accepted worldwide.

FAQ's – Cyprus Limited Formation

A selection of the most frequently asked questions about setting up a company with Cypruslimited.com.

Our app guides you step by step through the company formation process.

The first part is the company setup. Here we prepare everything for the upcoming company registration.

The following steps belong to the company setup:

  • the naming and approval of your company name (~ 1 week)
  • set the company address
  • add a short description of the company activities
  • set the share capital
  • name and verify all shareholders
  • appoint and verify one or two directors
  • sign the memorandum, H2 and H3 documents
  • send the signed papers to your applied consultant

Once everything is done and reviewed, our lawyer starts the application for registration of the company.

After successful registration (~ 1-2 weeks), we deposit all the company certificates inside the app.

Next, your consultant will apply for the company's tax identification code (TIC), if needed, VAT, and social security number (for company and director). All these processes are included in the company formation package price.

Yes, your Cyprus Limited needs an address in Cyprus. As a Cyprus resident, you can share your address with your company. If necessary, we can provide you with a temporary address (600€/year) for your company registration.

Rental agreement needed for address validation

As proof of your address's existence, you will need either a rental agreement or title of ownership of your specified company address. The tenant or owner can be either the director or a shareholder. It is unlikely that someone will accept a lease on a company that is not yet registered.

We recommend writing your name followed by "Director of XYZ Ltd." as the rental agreement's tenant. After successful incorporation, you can add your company as a tenant/owner.

Just let your tax advisor know if you need help finding an office, house, or apartment that you can use as your company address. He will introduce you to our network of reliable local agents or even landlords from within our community.

Alternatively, we offer virtual office services and managed offices inside our application (600€/year).

Tip: In our blog, you'll find an article on how to find an apartment in Cyprus.

The company registration process starts right after the company formation process is complete.

The following steps must be completed to start the registration process:

  1. your personal Know Your Customer process is complete
  2. your company name is approved
  3. all additional shareholders and appointed directors began and completed their Know Your Customer process (except they are already verified customers)
  4. all provided documents have been signed and sent to your consultant

Recommendation: The faster alternative to sending the documents through the mail is to sign all of the papers in your consultant's office in Nicosia, Cyprus. Just text him to make an appointment.

It depends on the speed and workload of the registrar of companies. After your consultant submits your company registration application, it may take 1 to 4 weeks.

We will keep you updated and upload your company certificates as they become available.

When your company is successfully registered, your consultant will add your registration number to your company details.

He also will upload the following company certificates to your company profile:

  • the company's office address certificate
  • the company's directors and secretaries certificate
  • the company's shareholders certificate

These certificates are required to prove your company's ownership and authorize you to act on behalf of your company like to open a bank account.

After that, your consultant will automatically start applying for the company's Tax Identification Code (TIC), VAT number, and the Social Insurance Number (SIN).

First of all, cypruslimited.com is a young startup for company formation in Cyprus. We are aiming to be the most transparent and structured way to incorporate your Cyprus Limited.

While we continuously work on new features and services, we already offer everything you need to start your business in Cyprus and keep full control of it.

Once your company is registered, we offer:

  • online access to all your company information, documents, and certificates (free)
  • secure applications to push changes like a new company address, a new shareholder structure, or changes to the list of directors and secretaries. (fixed fees)
  • reminders (optional) and instructions to meet all authority deadlines and to avoid painful penalties (free)
  • more features will follow

Also, every Cyprus Limited Package order includes one year of:

  • accounting service
  • VAT submission
  • payroll
  • yearly tax audit
  • personal tax consultant contact (email, phone, telegram)

We are proud to offer you a super competitive and transparent tax and accounting package by a trusted and certified Cypriot tax consultancy, which can be canceled yearly.

The tax and accounting package includes all the basic needs of your digital startup. Even if your company exceeds the added use, you will only pay low and predictable fees. See our fair and straightforward pricing.

Experience real financial independence and take advantage of the unique Cyprus Non-Dom program.

Stay in Cyprus for only two months a year to become a tax resident and to benefit from a tax-free worldwide income.

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