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What are the social security contributions in Cyprus?

Social security covers everyone who lives in Cyprus, whether self-employed or employed. Contributions to the scheme are payable by the insured persons at a rate of 8.3 % for both employer and employee.

The employer has additional contributions of 2 % to the cohesion fund, 1.20 % to the redundancy fund, and 0.5 % to the development and training fund. A self-employed individual should make a maximum or low-limit contribution depending on the venture or profession. As of 2022, the social insurance contributions are charged up to a gross annual salary of 58.080 €.

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Social insurance contribution rates
Contribution Rate Cap
Self-employed individuals 15,6% 58.080€
Employee 8,3% 58.080€
Employer 8,3% 58.080€
Redundancy Fund (Employer) 1,2% 58.080€
Human Resource Development Authority Fund (Employer) 0,5% 58.080€
Social Cohesion Fund (Employer) 2% no cap