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How much are the contributions to the national healthcare system (NHS) in Cyprus?

Contributions to the NHS have been revised since 1st March 2020. Each employee contributes 2.65% of his salary while employers contribute 2.90%.

If you are self-employed, you contribute 4% of your earnings, pensioners 2.65% of their pension, 2.65% for income earners and state officials.

Healthcare system contribution rates
Contribution Rate
Every self-employed on his emoluments 4%
Every employee on his emoluments 2,65%
Every employer on his employee’s emoluments 2,90%
On the pension income of every pensioner 2,65%
On earning income (e.g. rent, dividends, interest, etc) 2,65%

There will also be a state-fixed fund making a 4.55% contribution to all beneficiaries' annuity and earnings. The contribution on income, pensions, and other income is capped at € 180,000 annually.

You can easily calculate your health and social insurance contributions with our net salary calculator.