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Why We Do What We Do @

Our mission is to enable digital professionals to benefit from the guaranteed tax advantages and the social insurance system of Cyprus.

With Cypruslimited, we focus on digital nomads who want to set up a new business or relocate their existing one to Cyprus. We make no distinction between already successful self-made millionaires or small freelancers striving for financial freedom. Instead, we deliberately want to connect both groups to create a community hub for open-minded entrepreneurs inside the EU: Traveling, living, and doing business worldwide. ✈️🏄🏼‍♀️

The structured and reliable start for foreign entrepreneurs in Cyprus

But in Cyprus, things sometimes are a little differently than usual. 😅 Also, starting a business and immigrating to a foreign country raises many questions.

That is why we have developed our structured app to guide you and not to miss any critical steps. Our guidelines are easy to follow and give you a holistic overview.

In our app, you can start applications and access all relevant documents online in your dashboard at any time and from anywhere: Copies of your application requests, company certificates, non-dom certificate, social security, tax numbers, etc. You always have complete control.

To provide an additional layer of security, we monitor your progress in setting up your business, provide feedback when delays occur, and incentivize our partners to work effectively. As our partners, we chose only trustworthy and reliable tax consultants and accountants from our growing network in Cyprus. This ensures the success of the process and the required reliability.

And, like you, we don't like nasty surprises or cost traps either. Our tax administration and audit package pricing are fully transparent, and the short-term contracts (1 year) keep you flexible. But why should you leave? We pass on economies of scale and negotiate tax administration and audit prices in favor of our Community.

Last but not least, has been created by digital professionals for digital professionals. Feel free to contact us and make and our Community even better! 🙌

Experience real financial independence and take advantage of the unique Cyprus Non-Dom program.

Stay in Cyprus for only two months a year to become a tax resident and to benefit from a tax-free worldwide income.

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