Apartment Buildings in Limassol, Cyprus
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How to Find an Apartment in Cyprus

We want to give you essential information about renting apartments, houses, and villas in Cyprus. This information will undoubtedly help you if you are dealing with the topic of emigrating to Cyprus and living abroad, as many things work differently in Cyprus than you are used to in other European countries.

Appoint an estate agent in Cyprus - Or would you prefer to search without an estate agent?

We are always anxious to get by without an estate agent when looking for a new apartment because of the high brokerage fees. In Cyprus, this effort is optional. But why? Well - If you rent an apartment, house or villa in Cyprus for 12 months or longer, you will not pay any brokerage fees. The brokerage fees are funded entirely by the landlord. From this point of view, it would be incomprehensible if you were to go on an endless search for an apartment yourself.

Luckily, we are here to support your settlement.

We have a list of recommended estate agents in Cyprus who really take care of everything and far exceed the needs and requirements of their clients. This vast experience resulted in cooperation to offer an appropriate service and support for your settlement on this beautiful island.

When is the right time to view the apartment?

The owners of properties in Cyprus are generally unwilling to reserve a property for long-term rental for several months before the start of the rental period. They understandably expect to be able to rent their property to another interested party by that time. An apartment inspection only makes sense if your planned start of rent is no more than six weeks.

After finalizing the rentals agreement, you should immediately set up your Internet connectionto be available on the day of your arrival. You can sign your water and electricity contracts one week before moving in.

Furnished and unfurnished properties in Cyprus

The standard of the apartments and houses in Cyprus is relatively high, but no generalized standard exists. When moving into our first apartment, it was fully furnished (kitchen, beds, TVs, towels, dishes, etc.). However, you can get something at Ikea in Nicosia if something needs to be added. The extent of furnished apartments depends on the landlord.

Condition of the property at the inspection

For a landlord, it does not make sense to permanently clean an apartment, a garden, or a pool if the property is not rented. The landlord arranges these things when he finds a tenant.

On the one hand, when viewing an apartment, assume that not everything is in perfect condition, and you should look at the objects from a slightly different perspective than you might be used to.

On the other hand, you better ensure that the essential devices such as A/C, TVs, and kitchen devices are properly working. Check the shower's water pressure and if all keys are available and fit into the lock. If your apartment is your home office, check the neighbors and surroundings for noise or unpleasant guests. Do not let luck determine your well-being in your residence.

Image: New Apartment Building in Cyprus
New Apartment Building in Cyprus


The cost of housing and infrastructure in Cyprus (as of 2024)

The furnished rental prices of a 1 - 2 room apartment range between € 450 - € 700 depending on the equipment and location. You might also get a discount (approx. 10%) if you are willing to pay the year's rent upfront.

A house or villa with a community or private pool is available from € 700 - € 1000 per month. However, for such objects, you should instead expect a cold rent (utilities excluded) of between € 1250 - € 2000, per month. Of course, there are no limits to the price.

The approximate monthly additional costs for a 1 - 2 room apartment in Cyprus:

The approximate monthly additional costs for a 1-2 room apartment in Cyprus
Type of costs monthly costs
Electricity (incl. cooling and heating) about 60 €
Water about 15 €
Minicipal fees (incl. waste collection) about 15 €
Internet Connection (~100MB) about 40 €

About the rent deposit: A deposit of one month's rent is usual. For extremely high-priced villas, the owners also sometimes require a deposit of up to 3 months.


In Cyprus, subletting is generally excluded in the rental contracts of long-term rental properties (check your contract). Of course, this would also entail insurance risks. We generally advise you against subletting. Nevertheless, handing over the rental object to friends, acquaintances, or family members is possible.

Sharing your accommodation with other digital nomads

A common way to save your apartment's yearly rent is to share it with other digital nomads in Cyprus. To do that, we recommend splitting the apartment with no more than three persons since everyone should sign a utility bill in his name as proof of address. Proof of address is necessary for, e.g., opening a bank account.


In Cyprus, you should hire an estate agent to look for accommodation since you do not have to pay brokerage fees. And no worries - We are happy to recommend a reliable agent. The process to check for a suitable apartment should be four weeks before arriving in Cyprus, not earlier. Apartments are generally well furnished. However, if that is not the case, you can find essentials at Ikea in Nicosia or 2nd hand furniture dealers. Subletting to private guests or Airbnb is often prohibited by the rental agreement and should not be violated. As our Cyprus Limited Community grows, we are happy to get you settled and connected with other digital nomads for potentially shared accommodations. To get a first overview of listings, check out the online marketplace at www.bazaraki.com.

List of questions

If you would like us to assist you in your search for accommodation, we will need to know your exact requirements for your dream home in Cyprus.

Here is a list of questions that we ask you to answer when we look for a property in Cyprus for you:

  • Which city or district do you prefer?
  • What type of property (apartment, townhouse, house, or villa with a private pool) are you looking for?
  • Furnished or unfurnished (also unfurnished properties usually include a fitted kitchen and built-in cupboards in the bedrooms)?
  • The minimum number of bedrooms (plus living room, kitchen, bathrooms)?
  • The number of persons who will live in the rental property?
  • Do you expect a pool?
  • Will you be "mobile" in Cyprus (car)?
  • Do you have pets? If so, which ones and how many?
  • Do you have children who will live in the property?
  • When is your desired start date?
  • How long should the rental period be (the standard rental period in Cyprus is 12 months)?
  • Do you have any other special requirements?
  • What is the maximum monthly rent (basic rent)?

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