Image:Where Are the Best Beaches in Cyprus 🏖️

Where Are the Best Beaches in Cyprus 🏖️

Cyprus is inspired by its Greek-Turkish culture, rich history, and unique beaches. Choosing the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus with this vast selection is difficult: the famous Nissi Beach, the endless and lonely Golden Beach, or the stunning Blue Lagoon.

On this island, one beach paradise chases the next! Let me help and show you our absolute favorite beaches in Cyprus.

Beach of NissiAgia NapaFamagusta
Konnos Beach and Blue Lagoon in the EastAgia NapaFamagusta
Beach of Landa (Golden Beach in the South)Agia NapaFamagusta
Fig Tree BayProtarasFamagusta
Golden Beach in the NorthDipkarpazFamagusta/İskele
Mackenzie and Finikoudes BeachLarnacaLarnaca
Aphrodite's RockKoukliaPaphos
Lara (Turtle) BeachPaphosPaphos
Mackenzie and Finikoudes BeachLarnacaLarnaca
Blue Lagoon in the WestPolis CrysochousPaphos
Beach of MakronissosAgia NapaFamagusta

Beach of Nissi, Agia Napa, Famagusta 🍹

The beach of Nissi is the most famous in Cyprus and is located in the popular coastal area of the island, Agia Napa. The popularity comes with a price - the beach is usually well-frequented and almost always accompanied by music - but you will find the best atmosphere, soft sand, and blue, crystal-clear water.

The beach bars offer delicious cocktails and small snacks, while sports enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of water sports. Sun beds and umbrellas can be booked for 2.50€ each (standard price on all public beaches), and for those who want a little adventure, go ahead and check out the small island off the coast.

Photo of Nissi Beach
Nissi Beach near Agia Napa

Konnos Bay and Blue Lagoon in the East, Agia Napa, Famagusta 👨‍👩‍👦

If you are looking for a bit quieter and more relaxing place than Nissi Beach but still as beautiful, drive a few kilometers further to Konnos Beach and enjoy the unique beach atmosphere with turquoise blue water and golden sand.

The bay is nestled between two coastal forerunners, and the beach slopes gently down here, which makes Konnos ideal for a beach holiday with the whole family. At Konnos Beach, you will find a small bar for refreshments, sun loungers with umbrellas, and some water sports offerings. Check out the Cliff bar at the top for a fantastic view over the beach and sea. However, as space is limited at the beach, you should arrive early to secure a spot.

If you want excellent photo motives, drive South along the coast to The Blue Lagoon. The water is intensely blue and stands in high contrast to the rugged rocks. I recommend connecting these two beaches in one trip: Spending the day at Konnos Beach and snorkeling at The Blue Lagoon. By the way, there is a second Blue Lagoon on Cyprus - more about this later!

Photo of Konnos Beach
Konnos Beach with blue lagoon in the background

Beach of Landa (Golden Beach in the South), Agia Napa, Famagusta 🏖️

In Agia Napa, you can also find the beach of Landa or Golden Beach, just West of Nissi Beach. The water here is exceptionally transparent, the sand is white and delicate, and the waves are wonderfully peaceful. The beach of Landa is a great beach to relax. You should rent one of the cheap sun loungers with an umbrella and leave the daily routine behind you while sunbathing. Meanwhile, the restaurant and bar belonging to the beach will serve you refreshments. And we have two Golden Beaches in Cyprus; we will get there in a second!

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras, Famagusta 🌅

Fig Tree Bay gets its name from fig trees growing near the coast. You will find some if you look closely enough. This part of the Cyprus coast is well-known because of its marvelous golden sand beach, which invites you to sunbathe, relax, and dream.

Fig Tree Bay is one of the Blue Flag beaches. It offers plenty of opportunities for water sports - especially windsurfing, water skiing, and parasailing - as well as several bars and enough sun loungers with umbrellas. Nevertheless, we recommend visiting the beach early in the day to ensure one of the best spots with a sea view.

Photo of the Fig Tree Bay in Protaras
Fig Tree Bay in Protaras

Golden Beach in the North, Dipkarpaz, Famagusta/İskele 😴

As mentioned, two dream beaches in Cyprus deserve the name Golden Beach. The Golden Beach is located in the North, more precisely in Dipkarpaz in northern Cyprus's official Famagusta or de facto İskele district. It is worth visiting as its namesake in Agia Napa: soft, yellow sand, clear sea, and largely undisturbed nature all around make the place a paradise for all beach lovers who like it less crowded and as natural as possible—a very idyllic scenery.

Beaches of Larnaca: Mackenzie and Finikoudes Beach

Mackenzie Beach, together with its Northern neighbor, Finikoudes Beach, is one of the urban beaches of the town of Larnaka on the Southeastern coast of Cyprus. Both coasts offer everything you need for a successful day at the sea - from sunbeds and umbrellas, restaurants and bars, to water sports and an idyllic palm-lined promenade on Finikoudes Beach. Its proximity to one of the island's major tourist attractions is the Larnaca Castle, Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, St. Lazarus Church, and the Kition Archaeological Site.

Aphrodite's Rock, Kouklia, Paphos🧭

We continue to the Southwest of Cyprus: Aphrodite's Rock. We have already reached the penultimate point of our list of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. This beach is gorgeous and the alleged birthplace of an authentic Greek goddess. According to legend, it was precisely at this place where the goddess of love, beauty, and sensual desire was born from the foam of the sea. Bring an umbrella for sun protection and goggles to explore the surrounding area.

On the way from the East to the West of Cyprus, you can also visit the fascinating remains of the former city of Limassol- the state of Kourion or Curium and thus combine your beach holidays with a cultural trip.

Photo of Aphrodite's Rock from a hill
Aphrodite's Rock

Lara (Turtle) Beach, Paphos  🐢

Who has ever seen a turtle in the wild? If this experience is still on your to-do list, you can have the best opportunity on Lara Beach, near Paphos in the Northwest of Cyprus. Enjoy one of the most beautiful and natural beaches in the country.

Lara Beach is located in a remote area, so you will enjoy privacy and quietness. You will not find any bars there, so we recommend bringing essential equipment, e.g., a chair, an umbrella, and some refreshments.

As you may enjoy privacy at Lara Beach, we also want to encourage you to respect the turtles' privacy: Turtles bury their eggs along the beach, which are luckily protected by small cages set up by locals. Once baby turtles arise, you might see them fighting the waves to make their way into the open sea. Note that it is not open to the public at night during the breeding season from March to August.

Photo of Lara Beach (South entrance)
Lara Beach (Turtle beach)

Blue Lagoon in the West, Polis Crysochous, Paphos ⛰️

As mentioned before, another Blue Lagoon exists in the Northwest of Cyprus. If you plan on combining Lara Beach and this Blue Lagoon, please rent a 4x4 truck or even take the Southern route around the National Park hills because the "roads" (you will not call them roads) in this area are very steep and rocky.

However, once you make it to the Blue Lagoon, you will enjoy a great view of the coastal area and shallow waters for sunbathing. You will find some shadows along the cliffs, but bringing an extra umbrella is a good idea.

If you do not like to drive in rocky areas, consider taking a day boat tour from Polis, which stops at the Blue Lagoon. Also, it is necessary to bring refreshments. You will not find any bars there.

Photo of Blue Lagoon near Polis, Paphos
Blue Lagoon near Polis

Beach of Makronissos, Agia Napa, Famagusta 🌴

Finally, we return to the resort region of Agia Napa to one last lovely beach in Cyprus, the beach of Makronissos. The sand here is exceptional and almost white, and the sea is clear while it shimmers in several shades of blue.

The beach is also well equipped in terms of infrastructure: from inexpensive sun loungers and umbrellas to a delicious range of snacks and drinks and the possibility of hiring water sports equipment for beach holidaymakers.

Photo of Makronissos Beach
Beach of Makronissos

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